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I'm a waitress.. and have found the Best treatment!! the issue here is that the nail must grow with the cutical if you cut and remove the cuticle to ease pressure and elive pain it doesn't seem to heal. What I have found is to go and get a pedicure find a good one!!! they will have it fixed in no time.. and continue to go after it is healed you'll only go maybe every 2 mos. Love yourself enough and don't make excuses!! it only cost like $30. <3

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100% agree. Suffered for soooooooooo many years till i found the pedicure answer!!!


Acrylics on the toenails will ovetime correct, some salons are now using this method on many clients with ingrowns. Its definately doing the trick for me.


how do you know which is the best place to get a pedicure?? will they fix it without you asking them too, or is it best to say something up front??


Not exactly a home remedy, is it?


Yea a get a fungus from salon. Been doing this for years and now bad fungus. Don.t care were you go the fungus is it yourself. Salons so busy and don.t take the time to clean correct.

Still in Pain

My nail tech removed my ingrown toenails on a regular basis (cutting and filing), but then stopped because she seemed to be tired of the work it took. It is hard to find a nail tech who will cut and file the nail down; they want to cut the nail straight across. My nail tech did the cotton-under-the-nail treatment and I let the nail grow out, but then had extreme pain. Letting the nail grow out does not work for everyone.

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