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I came down with bacterial vaginosis while on vacation. to make matters worse, my insurance card was expired and i didn't have my current info. i tried 1000mg Vit C every hour, even extra strength cranberry pills because i thought it was a UTI. I researched homeopathic remedies online that suggested taking garlic pills because garlic has natural antibacterial properties. so, i came up with this: peel one clove of garlic, pierce it a few times (i used my fingernail) and stick the clove up your vagina. not too far, it just has to be in there. i left it in for about 5 hours (it came out when i got up to pee in the middle of the night) and the bacterial vaginosis was gone by morning! no smell, no itching, no UTI sensations while urinating. completely disappeared.

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I tried this in desperation. it was right before work was worried about it following out, but it stayed in place and after seven hours I was about 90% symptom free.


I tried this for a yeast infection, and it burned ver badly. I had to take it out.


how long were the smythoms gone..? and did it ever clear up 100% or did u eventuly go to the doctors?

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