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I tried various home remedies (vitamin E, neopsporin, aloe vera0 and then for a special occasion felt impelled to go back to using the nystatin / steroid cream combo which got rid of the cuts in two days. I've overused the steroid cream over the past few years. Now I'm just left with an area of redness around the corner of the mouth, but more widespread than before. Someone on here suggested BB cream for coverage, and I order an expensive tube but when it arrived he had perfume and other chemicals, in addition to the natural ingredients so I'm afraid to use it. Does anyone know where to get something with no 'active' ingredients for coverage. I'm assuming even sun screen might inflame or irritate the areas.
Thanks so much!

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Make your own BB cream. Use Aloe Gel if you have oily skin) and a natural moisturizer, chemical free, that you like and is good for your skin. Really you can add anything to it, but this allows you to control what IS in it. Find a cosmetic line that is all natural and chem-free, add it to your moisturizer, bit by bit. I use my hand and have a dollop of cream and dollop of makeup and mix them. The best for the cracking lips is to leave them uncovered though. Healing occurs faster. Good luck!

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