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i have a tooth that is broken in half and until tonight had been unsuccessful with finding a way to stop the pain. looking on here i saw someone suggest vaporub on the cheek just outside where the toothache is. it took about 5-10 min to kick in but now there is no pain. until i can get into a dentist to get the tooth pulled i am going to keep vaporub nearby at all times.

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I tried vicks vapor rub and garlic salt and it really works thanks yall


I hope the vapor rub helps. I am giving it a try.


I have a tooth that only has one side left from decay. I just tried garlic powder and warm water, it did absolutely nothing. I tried salt water, nothing. Ive even tried orajel strong pain relief, again nothing. Ive been eating ibuprofen like candy and its the only thing that works for me till i can make an appointment. This sucks. Literally bawling for hours it hurts so bad.

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