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I have never had athletes foot before in my life. However, i am a 2 ed semester nursing student and just by default, i knew what it was. It came on quickly it seemed, but by the end of the first day i knew exactly what it was. It was extremely itchy, red with a few pustules. I zoomed to CVS to get an anti-fungal and instantly drenched my toes in that. By the 3rd day, it was not getting any better what-so-ever. It was so painful (i have a high tolerance for pain) i was convinced my toe was going to fall off. I even toyed with the idea of going to the local urgent care to seek treatment at 2 am when i couldnt sleep. Prior to that i did some quick internet reading and found TEA TREE OIL was a good home remedy for this. It was not until late afternoon i was able to obtain some from CVS. I swear to you, it started working and felt relief with in 10 min. I soaked my foot 3 times that night, and once the next day and it was like it was never there.. My foot had a sore feeling because it was so cracked and inflamed. I am upset with myself for waiting 3 days to get the tea tree oil!! dont waste your money or time with the other stuff... TEA TREE OIL is your CURE! Stop reading this, and get that tea tree oil NOW!!

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I. L

The teatree oil usually comes in a small bottle. Did you buy like 5 bottles or did you dilute the teatree oil?



what brand of tea tree oil did you use?

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