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THIS REMEDY WILL CURE EAR ENFECTIONS WITHIN MINUTES!- this is the best remedy I learned from my parents.All you need is an onion.take a small ring of onion and cut a small piece enough to fit in your ear.I know it sounds gross but it works.Heat the small piece of onion on your stove top till its warm.You don't want it too hot the warm piece of onion in your ear till its just touching the rim of your ear.immediatley you will hear your ear make a pop sound and you'll notice your ear open up be able to hear again. Keep The onion there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Within the time you feel no more pain and feel as if you didn't have an infection at all. It has always worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you.

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If I can I will seek legal advice. I have documented everything here.

john from usa

THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!!! i tried it and all i got was an even worse ache in my infected ear, bleeding from my ear and a trip to the doctor to be put on antibiotics like i should have done in the first place. its days later, my ear is still swollen and draining reddish brown fliud and i cannot hear out of the infected ear. hoping i didnt do dfamage to my eardrum as a result of letting it go and pressure being built up in my ear canal. not saying it wont work for some or maybe just luck that it goes away after but it definitely did NOT do any good for me


OMG my man had a really bad ear infection so i tokd him i wanted to stick a piece of onion in it, he said hell no i am not sticking a stupid onion in my ear i said shutup and lay down and i did it and guess what it worked! thank you

Mark and Cher

yesterday 3/25/13 My wife comlplained of her ear bothering her. I flushed it out several times with peroxide and got a lot of gunk out.She has small ear canals and has problems on a regular basis. She went to bed early because her ear was still bothering her, I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and she was downstairs sitting in the chair because her ear hurt so bad it was keeping her awake.I google searched for natural cures and found this onion thing, well it couldnt hurt so we tried it. Within the five minute's her ear was popping and feeling better.I put her back to bed with a heated rice bag(ear down) and it's 7:35am on 3-26-13 and she is still sound asleep. I cut the piece of onion from stem to root ,leaving it long enough to hang out 2inches,and wide enough to fit tightly in the ear canal about 1/4inch in cause I read where people got it stuck in thier ear,I heated it in the microwave 30seconds. check the heat on your wrist as you would a baby bottle before putting it in your ear. Thank you to the person who posted this we will be using it for us all the way to grandkids. What a great old remedy.


My son suffered from ear infection this morning, he constantly was crying and today is Easter Friday. Doctors office is close. So, I thought today is going to be sleepless night for me and him because that what happens every time he gets an ear infection. I looked at this site and found this onion remedy and and on top of this remedy I also put salt and olive oil (little bit) made it as a paste, put it in a wash cloth, tied it and heat it in the microwave. I first put the heated onion inside the ear and cover it with the prepared tied wash cloth with the salt and olive oil. Within 5 minutes my son said he heard the popping noise and was running around happily. It worked.


I had horrible ear pain. Went to the doc, they flushed it out with warm water and a shot like device that shot warm water in my ear. tons of wax came out. Felt amazing for the rest of the day, until night hit... I could hear better, but pain started getting worse and worse, especially around noise. Was pretty desperate and pouring peroxide in my ear sounded like terrible advice so I figured I'd give this a go. Chopped an onion in half, then cut a few 3/4 inch slices off the outside, thick enough not to break in my ear, small enough to fit in, maybe half a centemeter wide? Anyways, put one in the microwave for 10 seconds, it was hot at first but cooled to a reasonable temp to put in my ear in like 15 seconds. I put it in, and I gotta say... it felt alot better. I didn't hear a pop... And the pain wasn't completely gone. So i tried it over and over, each time the pain got a little more bearable. Now, this may just be because something warm in my ear/plus moisture took away the pain... but I will say it's gone enough that I can get to sleep, and hope it's gone by the morning, and if not I'll have to go to prompt care again. Thank you so much, pain went from 8/10 to a 2.5/10 after 4 30 second onion treatments.


What do you mean the rim. The inside or out side

Paul hunt

What a load of crap now my ear stinks like an onion
I've found that if you put some rice in a sock and put it in microwave for 40 seconds then put it on your ear is the best.


From what I can figure, putting it over the ear like a hearing aid, and possibly slipping a little inside the ear canal just a little ways (like washing your ears) seems to be what they are saying.

For another clear explanation of this method, I found this website (you'll have to copy and paste) concurs with the above remedy.

They also suggest garlic and olive oil and lymphatic massage (lightly massaging in from just behind the ear lobe down toward the shoulder in tiny little very light circular motions). That helps the fluids drain once the onion/garlic open up the eustachian tube. But, it appears the onion is definitely the first line of attack.

I would think that putting the heated onion in a food processor and pulping it, with a little carrier oil like olive or almond, would release more juices and make it even better. But, this way seems to work very well and be less messy.


Hello at 3:01am! Gave this a try on my daughter and it was instant relief. She said the popping started right away and the pain went away.

I sliced the end of the onion, cut the last few rings about 3/4 of an inch long and then heated for 8 seconds in micro wave. Insert into ear (just at the edge of opening) and it worked great. Repeated 3 or 4 times till she fell to sleep. TRY IT!

Sleeping in Peterborough!!

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