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THIS REMEDY WILL CURE EAR ENFECTIONS WITHIN MINUTES!- this is the best remedy I learned from my parents.All you need is an onion.take a small ring of onion and cut a small piece enough to fit in your ear.I know it sounds gross but it works.Heat the small piece of onion on your stove top till its warm.You don't want it too hot the warm piece of onion in your ear till its just touching the rim of your ear.immediatley you will hear your ear make a pop sound and you'll notice your ear open up be able to hear again. Keep The onion there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Within the time you feel no more pain and feel as if you didn't have an infection at all. It has always worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you.

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Didn't work. Total hoax!

Gary in 'L.A.'

Seems to be working for me!

tired mother

My two year old was screaming for two hours straight that his ear hurt. I couldn't take him to the dr considering its the middle of the night so in a desperate attempt I looked online and came across this. I heated the onion in the microwave for 10 sec. Then had to let it cool down, it was too hot for his little ears. He fought me tooth and nail when I tried to put it in, but I finally won and within 3 minutes he was completely done crying and said 'that wasn't so bad, I love you' its now been about a half hour and hasn't complained once. Thank you so much!!!!


Definitely works!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!


I've had a cold for 4 days and now my right ear is killing me it hurts so bad I want to cry...I'm ready to try this I just wonder does it matter what kind of onion you use? White yellow red spanish vidalia...?


Doesn't seem to work but then again I only left the onion in my ear for about 5 mins but im discouraged because I sliced my finger while cutting the onion!!! Ouch :(

Steph Robertson

I did this all night. Heated onion for 10-11 seconds in the microwave and placed in ear. Although I didn't have immediate relief, the heat did make it feel better. I finally fell asleep with a piece in my ear, when I woke up the next morning, the earache was completely gone.

Stinky ear

Only tried this cause pain was unbearable. Got a piece of white onion in my ear now and everyone says up to 10 min. It's been about 5 and I must admit the pain has subsided alot. Iv'e felt several light pops and felt reliefs of the pressure.

I cut the rings and left long slivers and nuked them for 6/8 seconds on a paper towel. Shoved the pointy ends of 3/4 in my ear with about 2 inches hanging out and I got to admit I really felt like an A$$hole but the warmth feels better right away. I just removed the stinky onion and I FEEL BETTER. Either IT WORKED or the pain from my burning eyes masked it... (Forgot to wash hands after handling onion.) Still feel it but deff not as bad THIS IS WORTH A TRY... Made my nose run like a faucet though...


This is the best cure for a earache I've ever found. I am 33 yrs old and suffer from chronic ear issues and I've done everything the Drs tell me to and they still hurt so bad. Today I in so much pain that it made me sick to my stomach. Now I'm up cooking dinner for my family feeling 90% better and it took maybe 15 mins


Hello at 2 am. I have been sufferiing fromtge worst pain in my adult life since 5 pm today. Ear ache from sinus cold a few days ago. It was bad enough that i tried everything including the slice oc onion today. Ended up in the er. Thry gave. E a rx for antibiotcs and told me to get some afrin at wally world. Left there in total pain and got the afrin. Took it at about 12 am. Waited for an hour at home. Writhing on the floor. Nothing. Thren i took a hot bath for another hour writhing i the tub. I even prayed to all the gods i could think of because i am agnostic. No good. Got out of the tub and cried on the couch for another hour. I was so desparate i grabbed an onion. Cut it in half. Stuck the whole thing on my bad ear. Whithin minutes the ear finally started to clear. Pain went from a 10 to about a three. Im a believer. Never again will i doubt at least trying a homeopathic thing again. Its been an hour still pain at a three. Thank you. I was freakin out and really hurting. Im putting onion back o till morning. Cant hurt.

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