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THIS REMEDY WILL CURE EAR ENFECTIONS WITHIN MINUTES!- this is the best remedy I learned from my parents.All you need is an onion.take a small ring of onion and cut a small piece enough to fit in your ear.I know it sounds gross but it works.Heat the small piece of onion on your stove top till its warm.You don't want it too hot the warm piece of onion in your ear till its just touching the rim of your ear.immediatley you will hear your ear make a pop sound and you'll notice your ear open up be able to hear again. Keep The onion there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Within the time you feel no more pain and feel as if you didn't have an infection at all. It has always worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you.

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I had an email that discussed the highly antioxidant properties of onions. I don't doubt for one minute that this works. The email I received discussed research on the black plague in England. There was one family in the center of the infected region that were not infected at all. The researcher asked what they were doing differently than the other people in the village. The farmer's wife indicated that she cut open onion and put them in bowls in every room of the home. The researcher took the onion back to the lab and looked at it under the microscope. The onion was loaded with the plague bacteria. This researcher that published this email said that cutting open an onion and putting it next to your bed at night when you're sick will suck all the bacteria out of the air and will speed up your recovery. I've had an inner ear infection for several months and totally forgot about the onion thing. I will try this and report my result


I just tried this and my ear definitely feels better. Not sure if I heard a pop, since a vacuum is created with the onion in there and I could duplicate the sound. The pain is definitely gone. It makes sense and there's plenty of documentation to support this treatment. Onions make your eyes tear and nose run when you cut them, same type of process in the ear, gets things moving and draining. The first application the onion was more raw than cooked and had a very decongesting effect on my sinuses and throat too. The second one was cooked longer and had more pain relieving effects. I think a little of both is good. Combine this with some lymphatic massage down the side of the neck and this is golden so far. Thanks for posting!


One other thing, the second application made my ear itch. I take this as sign of healing, as it's a common detox reaction.


Works amazingly awesome my ear was throbbing in pain,it took a few minutes till the pain was gone but I kept the onion in my ear with a cloth on it for 30 minutes. I saw this an remembered that my mom used to put a slice of onion over our ear with a warm cloth on it. But this work great, I recommend everyone to give it a try.


dude your idea is amazing especially when you get to eat the onion after.


it tastes better after about half an hour and if the onion is about a month old

Rey Alcantara

hey guys, it works for my son....thanks


This does work. Due to congestion, my right ear was in horrible pain.

I heard a real light pop. I yawned and the pop was stronger.

Believe or disbelieve, all I know is feel relief from some awful pain.

Thank you for posting this suggestion.


Thank you!!!


hi, just tried the warm onion in my ear OMG it really works. My ear started popping within seconds sitting here with it in now and I can still feel it working. Thank you so much.....:)

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