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THIS REMEDY WILL CURE EAR ENFECTIONS WITHIN MINUTES!- this is the best remedy I learned from my parents.All you need is an onion.take a small ring of onion and cut a small piece enough to fit in your ear.I know it sounds gross but it works.Heat the small piece of onion on your stove top till its warm.You don't want it too hot the warm piece of onion in your ear till its just touching the rim of your ear.immediatley you will hear your ear make a pop sound and you'll notice your ear open up be able to hear again. Keep The onion there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Within the time you feel no more pain and feel as if you didn't have an infection at all. It has always worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you.

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It did not work for me, but I don't even know what's wrong with my ear. Thank you for posting though.

Victor . M. A.

I have a 7 year's old boy and about 10pm he told me he can't heard too good in one ear and I told him that it might go away over night so he went to sleep, but around 3 am he wake me up with a bad ear pain and I just didn't know what to do if I should use some pain relieve or go to the pharmacy and the pain was just getting worst so I was reading about the onion and at the same time my child was askingme out the medicine so I read about some comments and decide to try any way and I followed the instructions about the onion and I asked my kid to let me know if he heards a pop and withing 5 seconds he said it pop Dad and the pain was gone at the same time; right now he's completely sleep next to me. Thanks for that home remedy. You have to do things with faith to get them done. Thanks and have a good night. God bless you.

austin P.

i tried the onion an it did not work -_- any other suggestions?


Didn't hear a 'pop' but sure makes it bearable! Thanks

Mom on the job

I just tried this and in less than three minutes my daughter said to me ' it sounded like toast popping up from the toaster'. I wasn't sure if it really worked or not because she really hated the fact of missing school. Based off the singing coming from her bedroom now as she gets ready, I assume that she was being truthful. Thank you so much for sharing.


My husband has had a ear infection for 3 days n we put hot rag n it did nothing we put ear drops in his ear n still he has pain n then we tried this n it worked he has no pain at all:) thanks so much for sharing this it helped a lot!


I just tried and it didn't work... :(


I just tried this and it didn't work.... :(


Well it worked for me instantly! I guess for some it don't work ?. When you have a pain in your ear and what your trying can do no harm then what you got to lose.... Nout! Give it a go.... Even if it is just a placebo effect then even that can work for some.... Ear ache has now GONE....


you guys need to squeeze one or two drops of onion juice to put it into your aching ear, it is really amazing, just tried it on my son now, it is an Asian remedy, you wont regret it!!

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