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My boyfriend has suffered for nights on end now so I came online for some help after reading a few remedies little parts of information started fitting into place....the bread remedy is the 1!!!!! How u may ask?well when u have any form of pain concerning the mouth this is generally because u have acid build up and the ingredients in bread helps soak that acid away....all u have 2 do is simply coat the affected teeth with the bread and leave it to do it's magic....u may want to do this a few times tho.....hope this helps and takes those pains wishes the sleep deprived girlfriend :-)

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Thanks a heap for this tip, have been in pain all day and no amount of pain killers were touching it. Rinsing the mouth in hot water, salt and garlic helped but this is a gem. I packed bread around the tooth with the centre of the piece dampened in vanilla extract. Have been completely pain free for two hours now. Blessed relief , you're an angel!

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