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My boyfriend has suffered for nights on end now so I came online for some help after reading a few remedies little parts of information started fitting into place....the bread remedy is the 1!!!!! How u may ask?well when u have any form of pain concerning the mouth this is generally because u have acid build up and the ingredients in bread helps soak that acid away....all u have 2 do is simply coat the affected teeth with the bread and leave it to do it's magic....u may want to do this a few times tho.....hope this helps and takes those pains wishes the sleep deprived girlfriend :-)

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Masakiiit ngipin ko!,,,,


Never felt the need to post a comment on any site like this before but I was in a lot of pain and after brushing with Sensodyne (which I use several times a day on a regular basis anyway) I tried the bread. I'm a nurse and have been for over 20 years and admit I was very skeptical. It's working, at least for now and since it's the first relief I've had all night I am grateful for any time it gives me without that tooth/jaw pain. Thanks so much for the advice!


After i tried the ice this Worked for me instantly! Thanks!


This shit is amazing!!


It worked! I was in so much pain I couldn't read these remedies fast enough, just pulse pounding head to toe convulsing pain. First I poured table salt in the exposed tooth and that gave some relief. Then minced garlic and sakt water soaked cotton and packed in the tooth and that helped a little. When I used the bread it took a few times of gently packing it in there, letting it dissolve and doing it again. I just took the last peice of bread out and there is no pain whatsoever. Praise God! And sleepless girlfriend :)


Terrible toothache off and on for a month. Tonight tryed bread and instant releif, amazing going to dentist tomorrow. Thank you Jesus for leading me to this site and the people here.


I have done this remedy for the past 30 mins my toothache is still here help me please


My husband , too , was in terrible pain during the middle of the night with a toothache. I resorted to the computer , and this site for help to ease his pain. The BREAD idea seemed easiest , so he gave it a try AND IT WORKED ! After a short while the pain eased enough for him to sleep. THANK YOU ! :)


Thank You! Just a small piece of bread on the infected tooth has alleviated the ache.


Omg the bread thing works awesome. I tried the garlic and vanilla thing, this is the only remedy that brought instant relief, although I wonder with all the sugar in bread how this works?? O well...TRULY GRATEFUL FOR THE TIP :-)

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