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I'm a 22 year old female and have had these for close to a year and a half. I first noticed them, but ignored it and seen as though I hadn't had anal sex, did nothing about it. I'd have sex with my previous partner and noticed tiny bumps around my feminine areas, but after a while, they would die down. When we split they vanished completely. But the ones around my anus seem to be growing at a slow rate. I want these gone but am mortified of going to the doctor. This is what I'm currently trying after reading through these posts.

2 drops of Tea Tree Oil
6 drops of Apple Cider Vinegar
10ml warm water
1 popped garlic capsule (at night)

I clean myself with a feminine wash and apply to each wart using a cotton bud, holding down for a minute or so. No burning involved in that. I then soak a cotton wool bud in the solution and leave on my anus for two or so hours. This is my first day trying but I'm going to keep an update of how they are doing and hopefully find a solution!

I must say this site has helped massively. I was so convinced I was a freak and terrified to show my new partner, who was in fact, tremendously understanding. You are not alone, but persistent is key!

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Don't be embarrassed at doctors

steve pain and highly effective. god bless


Thank god for this site the remedy really works i tried (acv) with baking soda and made a paste and that really work with no buns or pain. Within 3 days i saw results yay i was so happy so im going to keep on using it until they are all gone thank u....

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