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I've tried MANY home remedies... Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda mixed with water, mustard, and a ton of others. Nothing ever seemed to work. I'm in the process of changing my diet, but I still get bouts of reflux.

A few weeks ago I had a pretty nasty bout. Lasted for several hours. Finally, no reason why, I took a couple large swallows of Almond Milk. Pain went away nearly instantaneously. Then, a week later I had another bout. This time I immediately went to the Almond Milk. Again... worked fast and was a Godsend!

I don't know if this was a fluke, or I just found what works for me. However, thought I'd share.

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Joyce Riley

Be careful with the baking soda. My dad successfully used it religiously for years. I used it just once and I thought I was going to literally die that day. It started swelling in my chest with burp air that I couldn't release. I had to rush to an OTC antacid and it took a while for the pressure in my chest to go away.


I just tried the almond milk idea. Seems like it's working! Thanks for the advice, I was having acid reflux so badly i couldn't sleep


I'm glad that someone else has 'verified' that this is a possible remedy. Acid Reflux truly sucks big time. I'm happy my posting has helped someone out. :)

jrs mom

milk of any sort totally helps immediately and doesnt require a bunch of mixing and concoctions that some of the other remedies do.


Thank you so much for this suggestion. It has helped me every time and I appreciate your sharing about almond milk.


I just tried it (as we always have almond milk on hand) and it worked instantly! Thank you!


@jrs mom regular milk is actually acidic & usually makes my acid indigestion worse. I'll have to try the almond milk, though. We usually keep some soy milk in the fridge, but I've never been a big fan of almond milk. Although, I'd rather drink some almond milk than apple cider vinegar or baking soda water.

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