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I have suffered from fever blisters for a few years now and not only is it painful its also embarrassing! I normally get them right around Christmas time and to top it off I deal with atleast 25-30 customers face to face per day! But this time I tried a number of things all in one day . First of course I ran to buy Abreva and also bought Abreva conceal (invisible patches) . I first applied Vicks vapor rub since I had to go out and buy groceries. Left it on for about 3 hours. As soon as I got home I cleaned the Vicks off and I tried the toothpaste and salt mixture which helped dry out the sore. It has to be paste, and just mix enough salt and paste to cover the sore. In the meantime I had a couple earl tea bags soaking in cold water. I left the paste mixture on my lip for about 15 min (it burns bad). I then dropped a ice cube in my tea bag cup to make it cooler. Once the ice melted I squeezed the excess water and applied the tea bag right over the paste mixture and left it on for a few minutes. I then slowly cleaned the paste mixture off with the tea bag and used the second tea bag to cool the area off. Over night I applied Abreva and neosporin mixed together. when I woke up next morning my blister was almost gone and the swelling was gone (my blister covered half of my upper lip prior to any of these steps).In the morning right before work I applied an Abreva conceal and by the end of the day when I took the patch off my sore was completely dried out. I am now only applying a little Abreva and neosporin to help it heal faster. As u can tell I was very desperate to get rid of it and it worked. Normally my blisters last about a week and a half to two weeks, not this time! Hope this helps you too! :)

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