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Listen: I'm a 20 year old male, in a fraternity and only have had one partner who I love. I was so drunk one night in another country, I had sex with a prostitute(Protected.) Barely remembered anything the next day.

Long story short, even with a condom I received Herpes and now these damn GW. Shit sucks and I dont know how to tell my partner (I've abstained from sex for 5 months since the incident but I'm socially depressed and constantly stressed.)

Remedies: Don't get the Walmart shit, trust me its a waste of money.
-Vit C (With bioflavinods),zinc,b6,b12,SELENIUM,Vit A and Vit D3

-Red Marine Algae: This shit is amazing. Yes it is a bit pricey but RMA is a life saver. Scientist are even developing ways of putting strands of RMA in lubricants and condoms because it fights against many HPV viruses and herpes.
-Spirulina (Blue-Green Marine Algae): When this is combined with RMA it is hard for any virus to survive.
-Astragalus and Pau' D Arco
-If you can afford it try some Green Super Food Powder. What this does along with drinking ACV and Baking Soda is getting your body in an alkaline state. The higher your body's pH is the less chance of viruses and bacteria surviving. I could go on and on about more stuff and get all technical if you want me to but these seem to work the best.

Folks Count your blessings and not your problems.

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SELENIUM. I believe that is an ingredient in selsun blue which I use to wash my genitals with. I leave it on to burn the virus's for maintenance. Thank you for your remedies.


now are you applying it topically or drinking all this stuff?


How did you abstain from sex with partner for 5 months without them wondering whats up? That's a pretty oblivious partner!


.... Nothing surprised ... I abstain sex with my partner more than 2 months too ...


If my 20 year old frat guy boyfriend didn't have sex with me for 5 days I'd think something was up!


Hey how long does it take for them to go away with RED TIDE ALGAE? I been applying Tree Oil but my skin is all black now and it hurts. SO im resting it for a day or two?

Also I was wondering can we post pictures here to compare?


was the RED MARINE ALGAE Gigartina or regular RED MARINE ? I got the regular one


try vidaroX to get into the skin to help heal gw

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