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I have 4 very active children that all came down with plantar warts. After trying just about everything that people told me, I heard about soaking their feet in corn meal. I know it sounds strange, but it really works. I spread a layer of corn meal on the bottom of a cake pan, filled with really warm water and soak, for as long as they want. Within 3 days the warts turned black. With each child I repeated once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. They are completely gone...Amazing..

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I tried this on my 9 year old son. This really works and fast... Thank You For posting


Do you only soak the foot once that first week or multiple days in a row? My daughter is soaking her foot right now.

mj, Toronto Canada

Thanks! just bought some cornmeal from Walmart, and we're going to soak my boyfriend's foot now, :)


Do you add water or use just dry cornmeal?


Going to try! The least evasive out of most I've read. Tried freezing, doctor and podiatrist with little result. Keeping fingers crossed!


Giving it ago. Poor daughter has tried several natural remedies, banana peel, duct tape etc. hoping this works for her!

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