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Melinda Brown

Hair color and flat iron. I am a licensed cosmotologist and when we were in beauty school I remember a whole chapter about lice and dealing with it. The number one remedy that was listed in the book was hair color with ammonia in it. It kills the lice and most of the nits. I would not necessarily recommend this for children but it really works on adults. I also recommend blow drying the hair and flat ironing it. The heat from the iron will pop the nits that are left making it really easy to comb out what nits may have been left. The flat iron in my opinion is better for this because of the direct heat applied to the hair. The only difference in the use of this flat ironing technique is you need to section your hair into 1/4 inch sections instead of 1/2 inch sections. That way the iron will touch more hair each time.

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Anna pesto

Well one Question. What if my mom has tried everything from expensive lice treatment, the Riviera comb to home remidys and cheap lice shampoo but every other week or so Its back?


There is a place called Lice Knowing You and they are very well educated in Lice and how to treat it and keep it away. The first trick is GETTING rid of it period. Then you focus on keeping it away. Lice Knowing You has a website that any and all can check out. I would seriously suggest checking it out. And I dont care out much cosmetology school you have had flat iron and hair dying does NOT do away with Lice period. Been there done that and guess what lice didnt disappear.


I used hair dye on me wheb i was younger and had head lice and as an adult, it worked both times. And I used a vliw dryer and a straightener on me and my kids hair when we all had it it was gone immediatly.


hair dye at the store no longer contains ammonia

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