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So for years my dad has eaten a snack so simple but it cures a sore throat? Indeed! Mix equal amounts of creamy peanut butter and your favorite jelly together in a bowl and eat by the spponful. Not only does it stop your cough for a good 3-4 hours but its delicious!

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My dad.used to eat this and the i picked up the habit he didnt use it for a cough but my daughter has a cough and i was getting to the point where i was desperate to find her some reliefe and saw rhis and thought hey what rhe heck and now her cough has calmed down were she can sleep i think its the penut butter coating the throught but ur a life saver dude


This helps tons for my little boy, thanks so much.


my daughter has been up all night coughing and all day i have tried everything that i can think of to get it to stop so im going to try this wish us luck !!!

Dan Conti

been coughing all day. have a sinus infection that is moving down to the chest and the cough is relentless. just tried this and my throat feels a ton better( no more scratchy feeling) and the cough stopped immediately. great remedy. Thank you!!!

bob mcghee

ok so had a horrid cough and was reading these when i came across this so i did it and it worked but than in a few minutes the cough was back and i started thinking about why it worked and thought its probably the pb coating your throat so i tried almond milk because it does the same thin... and it works great, if not better than the peanut butter an jelly method


Yep! Strait peanut butter on a spoon did the trick for my 7 year old girl with a persistent cough for days!


My poor son has has a persistent cough for days !! it is now 1 in the morning and I am desperate for relief for him .. I just tried this and so far so good !! Thank You for this wonderful wonderful post !!


I have had a cough for almost a week! I really hope this works! If anyone knows sore throat treatments, lemme no!!


OMG! I'm going to try this even tho I dont like pb. I've coughed so much that I have NO voice and I'm a teacher!


It's 5am & I'm out of Vicks, I'm going to try this! Thanks for posting

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