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Great to soothe itching

Take a bath in the 1 can of evaporated milk, you can add other combinations such as oatmeal, baking soda ect.
But the milk really works great and soothes the itching!!!

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Tried to take a bath in the can of milk but the can is too small,how are you to get in??


What a jerk you are Dick, or what a **** you are jerk! To some of us this is a real problem not a joke. GROW UP

smith of NC

ive tried the oatmeal last night. had to go to ER my hives were severe. I will say i found that the oatmean bath gave no help what so ever. never heard of milk. i might have to try it. the hives are gone, but im still itching. thanks for the input


so, a d*ck agrees with another one... imagine that!


Tried to fit in can. Need bigger can. Only one can of evaporated milk.


I'm a little concerned. If there's only one can of evaporated milk and you've already used it for your itching problems, what are we all supposed to do?


You stupid people, you are the type of people who go tot the ER with a carton of milk stuck on your head. You don't need to grow up, if you have money, go out and buy a brain!

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