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Try a spout full of honey + cinnamon the cinnamon kills bacteria and honey sooths your throat it does work !!!!!

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do ghararays everyday

Emma Miller

I have to admit, it works!


Is it suppose to work instantly or takes time I did it twice ive been in bed for 2 days with a bad sore throaght head ache little ear ach but no feaver ive takin robutusdin all day cough drops no change hot tea im 22 have no health insureance or else id be at the dr.


How much is a 'spout full' never heard of that term. TY


Actually honey is a natural antiseptic(son of a beekeeper). So the honey is killing the bacteria. But be careful, sugar downs your immune system


The honey soothes the throat, but I dont get what the cinnamon does. Honey alone isn't as good, but I ran out of cinnimon. By the way, honey has not so much sugar, it is natural, so (just like everything else,) too much is too much.


I just tried the honey and instantly my throat felt a little better i can actually swallow without bein in pain so ty very much for this


I just want ot say anybody that doesn't have health insurrance can go to your local walgreens and get a check up without insurrance or just go to a homeless one

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