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I've been suffering with BV for about 6 months now. And each time ill go to the doctor they gave me metronidazole500mg twice a day for seven days, but each time it would clear up and I started having sex again it would come right back. I'm only 19years old, I keep my hygiene up and I just don't understand why this keep happening. Its very stressful and depressing.

So, I decided to take action into my own hands. I don't know if it will help yet, but I dry to drink cranberry juice 100% vitamin C, eat a cup of Greek yogurt each day, greek yogurt has more active cultures, and I'm taking one tablet a day multivitamin, and acidophius with pectin two tablets a day. Seems I'm making progress. Hope this helps someone. Ill be back once I know its working.

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You are probably getting reinfected each time with your partner because his is also a carrier. You both need to be treated at the same time.


First of all, it is NOT YOUR FAULT! Some women, unfortunately including myself, just have an imbalance in their vaginal pH. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 20+ years, and have been suffering w/ this for several years now. Try RePhresh vaginal gel. It is expensive, but really works, takes away the burning and stinging, especially during/after intercoarse. Also, really helps decrease discharge. Some, but not many, men are carriers, so your partner receiving treatment has about a 50/50 chance of working. I have also found relief w/ using baby soap/H2O douches. Just be careful w/ theses as they can cause other problems that are well defined elsewhere on this board. According to my GYN, mine is caused a Ph that is too high, meaning too basic or not enough acid (lower ph is more acidic). I have heard increasing acid in diet, like vit C tabs or lemon in your water, may help some, just not me so far. Hope this helps you, just hang in there and know you are not alone, and again, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

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