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Even the slightest bit of poison ivy affects me for weeks! During my most recent bout I had covered myself with the 'pink stuff,' but with no result. A friend of mine told me this home remedy: mix equal parts table salt, Dawn dish soap, and white vinegar. Rub mixture on the affected area several times a day. Not only did this relieve the itchiness, the spots dried up without spreading in two days tops!

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tyring it right now this better work,hopefully it does, ive bleaced myselft 2-3 times a day for 5 days its some what going away but i cant stand it anymore, hopefully your concotion works

Tracey - Southeast Texas

I have an extreme reaction to Poison Ivy after 2 ½ weeks of Caladryl and the rash not any better but spreading I tried this and WOW I can’t believe it. It really works. I showed my Grandmother and co-workers that have seen how bad the rash was getting. I started it Saturday night and today is Monday and it is 100 times better and actually stopped the weeping. I will never forget this one.

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