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My yeast infections do not respond to Diflucan anymore, so I came looking here.

I was hesitant to try douching or injecting any vinegar or peroxide into my vagina, so I went with the this solution:

about ½ cup warm water
1 Tbs. salt
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar

First I carefully cleaned out as much of the discharge as possible. Then I moistened a washcloth with this solution and applied it (GENTLY) to the labia and vaginal opening. I held it there for a minute or two and then repeated with more solution and a fresh cloth. It did sting just a little but honestly I liked that because it felt like it was working—and it wasn’t this searing pain that all else were describing. Afterwards I soaked a part of a washcloth with hydrogen peroxide and applied that too (again, GENTLY being the key word here.) Then I used those applicators that came with KY jelly and put yogurt in my vagina, and spread it liberally around my vulvae and labia. Wore a pad for a while but the yogurt was soothing.

Symptoms were much better after one of these applications. I went through the ritual 2 times a day. After 3 applications, the infection was totally gone. I plan to continue this treatment for a day after all symptoms are gone just to be on the safe side, but really—very quick relief, very inexpensive, not as invasive as douching with vinegar and/or peroxide.

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I am really Freaking out about first yeast infection. I am 37 year old. I have right partner. I did get rid of bad partner from over weekend. I never see him again. I am glad read your comment and am little bits scared doing wrong things. I do hate doctor too. LOL

Thank you!
I did use it and it works.
I feel better. :)

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