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My yeast infections do not respond to Diflucan anymore, so I came looking here.

I was hesitant to try douching or injecting any vinegar or peroxide into my vagina, so I went with the this solution:

about ½ cup warm water
1 Tbs. salt
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar

First I carefully cleaned out as much of the discharge as possible. Then I moistened a washcloth with this solution and applied it (GENTLY) to the labia and vaginal opening. I held it there for a minute or two and then repeated with more solution and a fresh cloth. It did sting just a little but honestly I liked that because it felt like it was working—and it wasn’t this searing pain that all else were describing. Afterwards I soaked a part of a washcloth with hydrogen peroxide and applied that too (again, GENTLY being the key word here.) Then I used those applicators that came with KY jelly and put yogurt in my vagina, and spread it liberally around my vulvae and labia. Wore a pad for a while but the yogurt was soothing.

Symptoms were much better after one of these applications. I went through the ritual 2 times a day. After 3 applications, the infection was totally gone. I plan to continue this treatment for a day after all symptoms are gone just to be on the safe side, but really—very quick relief, very inexpensive, not as invasive as douching with vinegar and/or peroxide.

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What do you mean by yogurt ?


And when you said you cleaned out as much discharge as possible, did you douche ?


plain yogurt like at the grocery store


I needed this remedy... Thnk u... Does tge yogurt hv to b regular???


I tried your suggestions and also used an external miconazole creme and Vagisil. I put those 2 cremes on a peice of toilet tissue and did that step between the hydrogen peroxide and the yogurt. I had heard of using plain yogurt the last time I had a yeast infection. There was a little burning, but no where near like it was when I tried the miconazole suppository! I think the home remedy is working! Thank you!


The recipe worked immediately and relieved me from the burning uncomfortable pain! Thank you.


Yes yes yes this works


I have tried the yogurt treatment and it is soothing. The yogurt should be as plain as possible; no sugar (it feeds infection), flavour, fruit or artificial sweetener. Thicker as opposed to thinner might worker better also.
I am concerned about the use of hydrogen peroxide, having used it for external wounds for an extended period of time causing it to burn making the wound worse.
At 66 years old I have tried all of these ideas on different types of wounds and infections and they all have value on their own to a certain extent, but I am not sure about mixing them together; they might be better applied one at a time.


Thank you so much for this! I can actually sleep, and it only took one treatment to start feeling a difference! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!


I have been batting a yi for 4 days now and even got a rx for the oral diflucan and it hasn't worked at all this time. The infection had only gotten worse over the wknd so I went and spent more money on monistat, cooling wipes, & other creams that has only made it worse. I found this wonderful sight and read yours first thing an proceded to follow your directions and got INSTANT relief! I'm not gonna lie it did burn really bad but only for a bit and felt so so much better! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!! You are a lifesaver!

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