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Last week my daughter was itching her head like crazy. I called her over opened up her head and BAM there were tons of nits in her hair I was worried because as a child when I would get head lice or piojos as my parents called them, we would go through a long process of combing and shampooing and it was agonizing. Then I was at the pharmacy buying some RID lice treatment when a lady told me that stuff doesn't work. she gave me this remedie she told me to mix4 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in 3 cups of olive oil shampoo it in your hair everyday along with treating your hair in Suaveā„¢ coconut conditioner for 15 minutes rinse throughly make sure to check the tub for lice bugs and nits that may fall out of hair also be sure that the water is steaming hot . And lastly repeat process for two weeks and you are proven to be lice free

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Yes tea tree oil will work. I do believe your child was scratching her head not itching it!

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