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I had a sore throat and many of them before. Gargling salt, tea, honey and all that stuff never worked for me. IF YOU WANT LONG LASTING INSTANT RELEIF TRUST ME ON THIS!! HOT SAUCE!! any type of hot sauce thats made with vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Those three ingredients all work like magic together. Ive used frank's red hot sauce it also has garlic which is also good. Try it!! Just put a few drops in your mouth and mix it with your saliva and swallow it twice or three times

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putting about 7 drops on a piece of soft bread the size of a half a dollar works well if you just chew the bread a little it will work like a sponge putting the hot sauce on the back of the throat when normally food goes down the front because of gravity using this technique my mom and I both didn't have a cold for 5 years

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