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I had a sore throat and many of them before. Gargling salt, tea, honey and all that stuff never worked for me. IF YOU WANT LONG LASTING INSTANT RELEIF TRUST ME ON THIS!! HOT SAUCE!! any type of hot sauce thats made with vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Those three ingredients all work like magic together. Ive used frank's red hot sauce it also has garlic which is also good. Try it!! Just put a few drops in your mouth and mix it with your saliva and swallow it twice or three times

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I just tried this today 2,13,13 @ 9:42pm lets see if this works cuz my bday is in 6 days and im going to see my man in Atlanta ga def dnt want to have this sore throat nor cough please help hot sauce btw i been gargling salty water since 9am it hasn't done a thing smdh!!


Omg tapatio really works


Have had a sore throat for 3 days now,after eating a whole bag of halls, and half a bottle of chloraseptic spray. Had No relief at all!!! So I looked up this page, happened to have some franks... Tryed it. AND IT REALY WORKS. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


it REALLY WORKS! i just did it 1O mins ago & i feel the difference already! THANKS :)


Does it only work with franks?


Thank you, it worked!!!


It does work!


It really does work! The best and simplest cure out of all of them thank you!!


Boy was I mad when I realized the only hot sauce we had was Tapatio. I drank it anyway. My throat feels a little better already and that was moments ago. Im going to do this again in a few hours. Im also going to buy better hot sauce ;)

purple monkey

this worked so well im shocked!! i had a super bad sore throat. but i did the saltwater gargle plus the hot sauce. worked better then warm tea!

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