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I had a sore throat and many of them before. Gargling salt, tea, honey and all that stuff never worked for me. IF YOU WANT LONG LASTING INSTANT RELEIF TRUST ME ON THIS!! HOT SAUCE!! any type of hot sauce thats made with vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Those three ingredients all work like magic together. Ive used frank's red hot sauce it also has garlic which is also good. Try it!! Just put a few drops in your mouth and mix it with your saliva and swallow it twice or three times

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Trying rite now damn throat is on fire....


Holyyyy shit instant relief . I took tablespoon of hotsauce n let it sit on back of my throat n bammmmmmm. Bye bye sore throat ;)

The Happy Teenager

Dayuuuuuuum! This really works! I'm only 13 and my throat was on FIRE so I drank a teaspoon of hotsauce and BAYUM! Sore throat goooonnnne B)


Luckily I love franks hot sauce but it did start a coughing fit after pouring some on my throat, because I also have a cough with this virus.


Crazy! But it works. Did not take all the pain away but it does not hurt like it did. I am going to do it again after an hour to see if it goes away completely


i used tapitio it worked great my sore throat is gone, just fill a big spoon of it and swallow. it hurts at first but totally worth it :)


Wow! This really works! I had my doubts, but the pain in my throat convinced me to try it. The pain is mostly gone after I downed a teaspoon of Texas Pete. This is awesome!


WOW! First I tried Apple Cider Vinegar, and then after reading this I tried hot sauce. Used a tablespoon of Siracha and put some cayenne pepper on top. SPICY, but WORKS!'s been about 2 minutes since I did it, but if it doesn't provide long-lasting results, it definitely provides instant relief! AWESOME!

It kind of made me feel better too, like more awake...weird.


I feel left out .. Everyone is getting better and I don't even have hot sauce in my house :/

Throat-Clinching Guy

Tried it but no use. It did not work at all. It just made the sore throat worse.

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