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I had a sore throat and many of them before. Gargling salt, tea, honey and all that stuff never worked for me. IF YOU WANT LONG LASTING INSTANT RELEIF TRUST ME ON THIS!! HOT SAUCE!! any type of hot sauce thats made with vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Those three ingredients all work like magic together. Ive used frank's red hot sauce it also has garlic which is also good. Try it!! Just put a few drops in your mouth and mix it with your saliva and swallow it twice or three times

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This franks hot sauce home remedy worked so fast, with in less than 30 mins. My sore throat was gone.


I feel like you jus want sumone to put hot sauce in their mouth.....jerk...( imma try though)...... lol


does work well and as a bonus it also helps open sinuses.


As I was reading through these comment on remedies I seen this one and it worked really fast.. I can't believe it...


Worked very well and worked immediately for me i was surprise


Will tapatio work?


I was skeptical, but I tried because my throat hurts so bad. It worked, but I made noodle soup and put the hot sauce in it. It really felt better.

Brandon F

WORKS!! After tossing and turning in bed I decided to see if there was any home remedies for sore throat. I chanced upon this column and with my bottle of Red Hot sitting in the kitchen and having nothing else to lose I have it a try. It's seriously like a miracle! I'm absolutely blown away at how well it works. Thanks so much for that information!!


This does work great! I would suggest not trying it on an empty stomach though. My sore throat was gone but then i felt a little funny in my tummy.


It does work! I was in agony and now at least one of my symptoms of this horrible flu is gone. Thanks so much!

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