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Hylands Restful Legs-3 pills under the tongue- I took that plus 2 Ibeprophen,,plus hubby rubbed some ointment on legs and bottoms of feet,wore socks to bed,plus 800 mg of magnesium,plus 6 tall glasses of water,2 glasses of Gatorade,one vitamin,all to take an afternoon nap-after ending up at the ER the night before.ok,legs were not twitching at all when I fell asleep,and very little twitching upon awaking from nap.Right now 3 hrs later,its very minimal.What happened last night-I never want a repeat of. At 10:30 p.m., full half body of cramp starting from around all my waist and travelling all down both legs-severe extreme pain.20 min. to calm it down,then make it downstairs,downing more milk,a banana,and a mag. tablet. After it stopped I thought it might be ok to go back to bed,another episode at 1 a.m. running down the left leg.Then hubby took me to E.R. Blood tests came back-thyroid ok,my fluids were ok,he didnt know except maybe see my regular doc and a Neurologist.The twitching/funny leg feelings,small cramps has been going on steady since entering menepause 3 yrs ago,steadily getting worse. Immediately starting menepause I had alot of weight gain too.Now I know a regular doc isnt going to do anything for me. He did give me 2 pills of Lorazopan {Attavan} if needed.I wont take them unless I really need to,as my daughter told me how that will go.I feel as if I'm on the right track though. I will do another dose of Hylands Restful Legs under the tongue before bed,and massage the ointment again.Next I am getting a bottle of Tumeric tomorrow.We had just had a round of Chinese take out-and I'm sure a good dose of MSG probaly had pushed me over the edge.Now I will be more careful about food.I do know Turmeric works for Gout,as I had my brother take it,and it worked for him with about 1 yr of taking it. Gout is in the arthritis family,it is also inflammation.Today he is still going strong but will go back to taking it if he gets a flare up he says.Also he has stopped drinking, and been on the wagon for over a year.So,yes I would look at getting the inflammation part under control.I'm assuming you are doing Ibeprophen also,or similiar.

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all of this routine worked for 5 days-then one afternoon I( forgot to do the routine,and only took the pills under the tongue before going to bed. That night 2 leg cramps but not bad ones.I got up and took 3 pills,the vinegar water,and went back to bed. I'm either doing an epsom salt bath,or soaking my feet in it.Hubby rubs the ointment all over my legs and feet.Watching the caffeine intake,try to limit it to just mornings.The legs still twitch during the day but its mild-and the same at night and I'm able to get to sleep no problem,this morning I slept till 4 am. whoo-hoo! Go-me!..

Gary Stratton

I finally found relief after almost 3 years of night cramps... I kept a diary of what I ate and ..finally after all this time I eat a potatoe before bed and I have solved it... Crazy huh? I still cannot believe it is working. I wasn't even sure it was nutrition related.

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