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Do NOT apply heat!

So, I have this tooth that I've ignored for years because of an unwarranted fear of the dentist, and it's kicking my butt now. All that's left is the root because over time, the crown has chipped away and the dentine (I think that's the stuff under the enamel) is just a big sinkhole into the tooth under the gums. I have had two kids (big babies, too) naturally and that was a cake walk compared to the pain I was in last night. I had been trying everything - heat, advil paste, clove oil - you name it, I tried it.

Anyway through a series of phone calls, my mother in law mentioned that an infection (like with an abcessed tooth) gets REALLY angry with heat, so I got the ice pack and boom! relief. Washed my mouth out with some liquor, spit that out (as you should because washing out with it fills it with bacteria), and tried to relax enough to go to sleep (which I did down some of that alcohol to help), but anyway, this morning I've felt great. Kept cold on the area, 800 mg of advil in my system, alcohol every couple of hours to wash it out, and when those options let in a little mild pain, I wash with hydrogen peroxide and then there's no pain at all again.

So, the big thing is: don't use heat. It feels great at first, but you're making the abcessed tooth worse. Use cold. And keep it totally cleaned out.

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