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Just got diagnosed with dry socket yesterday after having third molar removed from lower jaw four days ago. Woah, childbirth was easy compared to this! I tried mixing ground cloves with brandy which worked an absolute treat but now that I know dry socket is all about the bone and nerves being exposed maybe the high sugar content in the brandy is not such a good idea, lol. Dentist packed my socket yesterday with this stuff called Alvogyl and has put me on antibiotics because you are more susceptible to infection with d/s . i asked the dentist to sell me the stuff so I could repack it myself, but she refused! Now pain is back early this morning. I'm currently residing in Thailand, so dental care is good and cheap, but New Year holidays have put the kibosh on getting the socket repacked so I will experiment with the remedies here. Also, I have been looking for clove oil everywhere here. It is called nam man kan plu. Can I find it? Can I bloody not! Anyway, enough grizzling (pain makes you do that) it's time to wage war and come up with some home remedy solutions. I'll be sure to report back on any new findings I make. I have ground cloves, alcohol, salt, water and olive oil in my arsenal. Happy New Year to me!

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Hi. I got this awesome whitening tooth power stuff from Thailand. I can't read what is in it. The package is blue and white. If you could please tell me what are the main ingredients. My dentist tried it, and thinks there is salt in it. I am just curious of what the main bases are for ut.i have not used it since my extraction and a small piece of bone removed. My mouth is on fire 4 days later. Unfortunately it is the weekend. I will have to look for these things in the morning. I have been on pain medication for a number of years for an unrelated issue so I was not given anything to help. My medication doesn't touch it and it is much stronger than hydrocodone.

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