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To lessen the pain and prevent ear infections from coming back, mix a solution of white vinegar and water and pour in ear. Let sit for 1 minute then pour out and do same for other ear. To prevent ear infections from returning, do the water vinegar before and after going swimming. Hope this helps because I have had terrible infections all my life. (which has only been 13 yrs but it still hurt...)

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Emily Ritter

Vinegar seems to work for everything. I always have a bottle in the cabinet. Im not surprised that this remedy works


how much vinager to how much water?


My friend's ENT told her to do equal amounts alcohol and vinegar and put few drops in each ear a few times a day. I just did it a few minutes ago so here's hoping it works!


Didn't help Trying salt pack now - but 1 min heated is WAY too hot for me. It's not working either!


If you go to a doctor and get a prescription to treat an ear infection you will notice the medicine smells exactly like vinegar. After reading this thread I would go with the vinegar water mix, it is safe and should kill the infection fast.


Its almost 6am on a Saturday morning and my 4yro son has kept me up all night with pain. He finally told me he had ear pain. I figured I'd try the vinegar and water mix because vinegar works for eeverything it seems. Not more than 10 seconds of putting the solution in his ear and applying the warm wet towel he was asleep. :)


Hi, I no that it gets boring just scrolling through these. Here is something that works surprisingly you can put 2 drops of your own urine in the infected ear. Works just like sweet oil.


My 4 year old woke up with ear pain.. I've never had an ear infection and neither has my daughter.. so I didn't have anything on hand and had no idea what to do. I come to this site often because I don't like using medication as a first response.. after praying for healing in her ear, we tried a few different remedies listed here, like the warm wash cloth over the ear, heating pad, warm onion inside the ear and finally equal parts of water and vinegar and that was the only one that provided complete relief for her! The onion did more than the heating pad.. but so far she hasn't complained about any pain.. she even said she felt her ear pop after the miracle mixture drained out. Thank God!

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