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Get a Bag of Lays Barbque Chips ,eat them chips will kill lots of bacteria in your infected cracked/rotten tooth.
If you waited to long and jaw is sore too, swish/hold a table spoon of 100 proof vodka for 30 mins it will kill the germs and pain. Every American should be able to buy amoxcillian with out presciption.

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Dental Hygiene student

Umm, please no one eat a bag of yummy BBQ lays chips if you have a toothache. Why? Because chips are a fermentable carbohydrate which is a fancy way to say 'food for your cavities'. Cavities form very easily with fermentable carbs and if you have a toothache due to decay then eating chips really wont help you! My guess as to why this person said this could be of help is that perhaps chips acting as a 'cleansing food' for them at one point. A better choice for a cleansing food would be an apple. Eat at room temp to avoid cold sensitivity.


I toally agree about the amoxicillian. Would love some right now


You can get amoxicillin at a pet supply store that sells fish supplies. No prescription needed. It's safe for humans. Look up the dosage on the web.

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