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I used to think that I had gw and tried acv. I became depressed bandit effected my social life. I was to scared to go to my parents or the doctor. I had these lumps from about the age 13. At 15 I thought that I had genital warts, they had spread to the majority of the underside of my shaft. I read that they can be transferred at birth. Today I was researching and found something called Fordyce's spot. Wikipedia it this what I had. I also have it on my upper lip. Just thought I'd let other people know so they don't have to go through to pain of acc for nothing :-)

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.... So glad that you don't have GW .... So happy for you . I have had GW about 3-5 months .... and depressed deeply .


sorry to hear that hope that move on, its not the end of the world. I found that when I exercised or trained for sport I totally forgot about the lumps, hope you get better!

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