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A good way to stop a toothache is to spray the effected area with a throat spray. Works as soon as it hits the painful area.

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Immediate reduction in pain. I have a severe toothache from a broken tooth and I tried this. The deep down throb was still there, but it didn't hurt near as bad. It is slowly easing up too, so I would recommend this as a quick, temporary fix.


thank you for this remedy! i read about this and tried it immediately. it works! numbs the area, still does low throb but no pain. great idea.


just tried this...saw some immediate effect...hope this work...


Just tried it! Thank you, I feel much better. Going to pass it along!


This helps my wife all the time but never worked for me-- I always washed my tooth and packed it with bc powder .... Home remedy #1 is this method right here for Instant relief.( the spray that is)
What I have always done was take 8 ibuprphine cause its an anti inflamitorys, basis of what kind of tooth ache it may be anyway absest teeth this is a good one.

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