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A few days before christmas, my dentist was closed until the following week, and I really couldn't afford to get a large cavity filled until the new year when my coverage plan renewed. Of course this is the time when the cavity starts to cause me a TON of pain, can't sleep, can hardly eat and drink, and this in the time of year we all like to do a little extra eating and drinking.
I prefer not to take tylenol and advil, and they really weren't proving very affective for the pain anyway. I tried several of the suggestions posted here; garlic, clove, salt water,...... Nothing worked very well, so I settled into bed for another restless try at sleep. My wife comes in(she was getting tired of my near constant complaining)with a bottle of something and says to try this. Put a few drops on a q-tip, apply to tooth, swish around the saliva for a bit and bingo-bango-bongo, the pain is gone (ok, maybe not instantly, but within 15 min. I was sleeping like a baby).

My wonderful miracle cure?
Oil of oregano.
This stuff tastes like death itself and isn't exactly cheap ($25-35 for a little itty bottle), but it's been about a week using this stuff and it's amazing how effective it has been. I apply it usually every 12 - 18 hours. I forgot once but my tooth reminded me after about 24 hours, but even at that point the pain was no where near as bad as when it first started.

Hope this helps someone cuz it really helped me. Happy new year to you all.

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Wow worked wonders for me! I just happen to have some on hand. Yes it tastes horrible but was the only trick that gave me any relief! I'm so grateful thanks for your post! I was wondering how I was going to make it thru the night. This is a must try folks.


A little update;
Went to get the tooth filled and found out it was too far gone and they had to pull it. Luckily it was the very back molar and I could easily live without it (plus it was an easy way to lose a bit of weight:)) When I told the dentist what I was using for the pain she basically said she didn't believe it, that she was skeptical. In the very next breath, she was kinda annoyed that I couldn't really describe the pain to her b/c I didn't really have any, even when she was trying to induce some pain so she could diagnose what the issue was. Hmm. What does that tell ya?

You can buy oil of oregano at health food stores, and I found that the high % of carvacrol (the active ingredient) the more effective and longer lasting it is. 75% worked well enough, but the 85% stuff lasted much longer.


I just tried it... hoping it helps... thanks for posting!

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