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el bloato

For relief of constipation, a healthy lower GI tract, in fact for almost all diseases related to GI tract, use cannabis. In Asia cannabis extracts were once the most common medicine in home cupboards, primarily used to treat all manner of GI tract problems, especially constipation. Juiced raw flower tops work without side effect of intoxication. Of course, legality is an issue.
Constipation has a strong psychological component. Stress, flight or fight syndrome brings on constipation, e.g. travelers syndrome as most common. Childhood issues 'holding it in' so as not to have to 'go' in public school another unfortunate aspect of American society hang up with bodily functions.

Agree with some posts, MD's are mostly useless and bulking up on water and brown rice may eventually cause a large explosion of you know what down the road but does not relieve quickly. Enemas work every time, but that isn't for everyone and can be unsafe if not done correctly. Whether it's constipation or Chrone's disease instant diarrhea , cannabis is the ticket, no question. The dietary guidelines are all good, but it takes awhile for that to get you back on track and even then, if the psychological problem isn't dealt with you will be on and endless cycle. Study cannabinoid system and GI tract on line. The foot guy (walking advice) has something to say, certain kinds of exercise working the abdomen (swimming too), a big help .

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