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This sounds crazy but vibrations from a personal massager on the effected area for a few minutes works wonders. Also dark chocolate works too. Eat just a few pieces and lay down.

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I saw Ed perform at YPI Day Toronto 2010, altgouhh the audience was unsure of this unknown Brit, we grasped onto his music immediately. I don't know one person who left that concert who hadn't fallen in love with Eds personality or his music. In fact the lobby where many of us went to go meet him after the show looked as if Justin Bieber or Drake was in the room! I'm quite grateful that a few people at our school stuck around a bit longer to chat with Ed, and get to know him a little better as a small group, you can tell by his dedication to fans how much he loves what he does and how he loves his music. I'm glad he had such an awesome audience and hopefully warm welcoming coming to Canada, and hopefully that has motivated to come back and do another show for us again!!!I cant wait to hear the new music, that new song was brill! If thats a taste of the new album.. I cant wait!I hope that we little Torontonians who were at the concert can spread Eds music across Canada, because he really deserves to be heard.I agree with Danial Rivers, he has a huge future ahead of him and I cant wait to see how it pans out!


@lisandro what does that have to do with anything whatsoever?¿?¿?

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