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I had a plantar wart years ago and the dermatologist froze it several times and eventually had to burn it off. A few years ago I got 3. I tried freezing them but didn't work. So I decided to try apple cider vinegar. I put some in a Pyrex dish and soaked my foot for 3/4 hour before bed. Then I would put some on a cotton ball, tape it over the wart with duct tape. Put a plastic bag over my foot held on with a rubber band so my bed sheets would not get vinegar on them. Next morning I would shower and put socks on until night and then repeat the process. After about 5 days the warts turned black. I continued the treatment for a few days and then peeled them off. They never came back!

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Question for you Mike -- did you use straight cider vinegar, or diluted w/warm or hot water?

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