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I have suffered from massive teeth pain for a great deal of my life. Upon coming across this website and reading every home recipe known to man for teeth pain i decided to make my own. Good news it worked within 30-60 seconds.

5 Crushed 200mg of Ibuprofen/Aspirin
1 Teaspoon of the following;
Ground Cinnamon
Vanilla Extract
Maximum Strenght Orajel
Spray Butter/Cooking Oil

Crush your preferred pain killer into a powder, add the above solids then mix well then start adding the above liquids. Place your dish of the above well mixed ingredients into a boiled pot of water until it becomes a paste and is warm. Mixture should look brown and be thick.

Build up the courage, when ready go to your bathroom be sure the toilet cover is up just in case! Place mud like paste to affected area (Limit the contact of paste to unaffected areas of the mouth!)Let it sit for as long as you can! Hope this helps!

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