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Living again


No remedies here. I was struggling with this process of the virus. This is the first time I have ever spoken up a about it. I'm 26 soon to be 27 and I have herpes. That felt good to admit , I have dealt with this since I was 16. I did this to myself, I was promiscious and I trusted too many. Next thing you know I was on the toliet screaming. The Obgyn diagnosed me with herpes, and a list of other STIs that was treatable.

I couldn't wrap the herpes concept around my head, I was young and so stupid. I admit that I have had unprotected sex in the past and I didnt notify my partner. No one can be beat me up more about this issue then me. The guilt rides me like a heavy burden and I feel bad about the people that I may have infected.

For a while I was depressed and I didn't tell a soul except my Mom and Ill tell you later why she's a blessing herself. But, I was down until this very day. I'm single, no kids, college educated and so much to offer but I didn't think that I could find real love, have a family and kids. My mom was and has been my biggest supporter she is the one that says I Can do it, love is there, keep fighting.

How can I not take her wisdom, she is fighting HIv. How Ironic for a herpes and a HIV fighter to be in the same household. My mom is and will always be my greatest inspiration. If it wasn't for her I would have ended along time ago.

I would like to thank all of you for your stories , I stayed up all night reading them. With tears in my eyes I realized I'm not alone and you don't understand how lonely I felt sometimes, I couldn't understand why I was cursed for something I did as a child/teen. I felt worthless thru all my aaccomishments, I didn't feel like a woman. But again thanks for the remedies and success stories.

I don't get BOs a lot, when I do it's around my period and I just wait it's hard but hearing some of the remedies I will try once it starts again.

Sometimes If I'm having sex from the back it hurts, so I'm guessing that's my infected area. I noticed that when I'm stressed I do beak out so I'm starting today on that.

I do discharge a lot, I hate it. Any suggestions? My Obgyn is like the others it seems she blows me off every time I talk to her about it.

But I Love y'all for this blog, I was serious about giving up and this blog just gave me so much life, I feel so much better today, for the first time in life IM Happy TrULY Happy!!!!!

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Hey, that was a lovely post!

I'm 19, haven't formally been tested for herpes but a nurse has looked and said it looked like it was, this was about 5 months ago. I've looked up everything about it, and even though it actually isan't the biggest problem out there, and I can fully admitt that to myself, I can't help but think like you and think that my life is over. So much so that 'coincidentaly' 3months ago I was diagnosed with extreme depression and I am now seeing a counsellor 2 times a week and on medication. I genuinely feel like my life is over. Am I ever going to find someone who will accept this? And will they not go telling the world because it is pretty embarrassing eh.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any ways of telling someone you have it without it looking like a really bad thing?

I understand I should get formally diagnosed before I worry myself but in a way I don't really want to hear it. Because although this doubt I have about whether I have it or not has more than likely caused me to become depressed, there's always that slight bit of hope that I don't have it.

Thank you + good luck to everyone!!

not ready to tell..

It is very hard to Tell a person. I've had it since 15 and now I'm 32 I had about 6 ob but when I am having a ob I just Tell my mate I have a yeast infection and can not have Sex. And every body no when a man hear of yeast infections they don't want Sex...l.o.l...So far it works. I don't considered it lying because your not passing by having sex with them its just personal untill your ready..but really I would just stick to the yeast infection story...because everybody not educated about it..and plus some people might can't take it when they hear it..I even learned some people might be carring the viruses and never even have an ob. And passing the virus and not no it and some people are even born with it so like I said a lot of people is not educated on that subject if they never experienced an ob...


Its hard to tell a person you have the virus but its the best way to keep your relationship. I have had the virus for 7 years. When ever im in a relationship and I find myself falling for the person and the person has the same feelings for you its best that you sit that person down and tell them the whole story. If they stay it will show you how they really feel about you and it will be less stress and worries in your relationship. I've done it and I am now engaged to be married. My fiance has been very supportive and I am not embarrassed around him when I have an outbreak. He tells me he loves me no matter what. Im not saying tell every guy you think is cute but ones you plan on being with for a long period of time.


I came to this site looking for natural remedies to prevent outbreaks. i started reading these posts and was really disappointed at what im reading. From my research the virus can be spread even when inactive. This is why it is such a growing epidemic! Obviously when we had sex we didn't see any sores, someone was not honest with us and withheld sharing the little detail that changed our lives. I regret that it happened to me. I deserved to be told up front! That omission ruined my life and I am pissed!!! I think it is very selfish for not telling your partners and you are starting out a relationship based on a lie, which will ultimately destroy any chance of it succeeding!
I was diagnosed when I was 24 with hsv and another std which I was treated for. I told the guy I knew I got it from, and he denied it convincing me the dr was wrong. Shortly after that he was gone.
I didn't have any outbreaks after the first so I went into denial believing the dr was wrong. Eventually, I started a new relationship and after several months at my annual exam the dr said 'you know you have herpes'? I wanted to die!
I told my new boyfriend, who then had his first outbreak 2 weeks later. He stayed with me, we got married, had 3 beautiful children. On the outside we had a fairly tale life. Personally we were both miserable.
I knew he didn't marry me because he loved me. i certainly would never have married him! we got married because we were both tainted and it was easier to stay together then to have to tell people in the future. He threw it up in my face whenever we argued. He ran around with other women and I am certain he didn't tell them! One of them was married also....
Eventually we divorced. I spent the better part of 15 years depressed, not because of the herpes but because my marriage was based on deceit and there was resentment, distrust and insecurities that I cannot even express to you! I never felt fulfilled or loved even when times we good. I knew deep down he resented me and that's a horrible way to live!
Outside of my children that I absolutely adore and would never trade, I so regret my marriage! It was the biggest mistake of my life, even more so than having unprotected sex!
We have been separated for 2.5 yrs only divorced a few months. I have never been happier in my life! I have dated several people and of course the wining and dining men do in the beginning is he best part of the dating process, lol. But only 1 man was special enough for me to want to go further than casual dinners. When I told him about my infection he got quiet and I told myself its ok, better to lose him now then before your really involved... But he told me how his wife had been unfaithful and he had been exposed and he was ok with it! He is understanding, loving compassionate... He is the type of man I should have married!
So please, if you take 1 thing away from here it's always, be honest! If someone was honest with you, you wouldn't be reading this right now! Don't be the person that did it to you, because the person you accidentally infect will not likely be understanding. And it's so much better to be happy alone then to live your life with someone who you know in your heart is with you for the wrong reasons!

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