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Ok so I had the WORST boil on my 'buttcrack' it was actually right above it.....and I have NO INSURANCE so this is what I did:
**Got icthammol ointment- I put this on at night with a bandaid **FOUND at CVS for around $6
**Then I got campho-phenique and put that on during the day I USED the one for cold sores u can find it almost anywhere
** I took 2 hot baths a day with epsom salt
**before each application of both ointments I cleaned the boil with hydrogen peroxide
**if I had work or had 2 run errands I didn't put any ointment on but I did put a bandaid on to prevent my clothes rubbing against the boil

NOW my boil was huge and painful i could barely sit, drive or walk and at first had no head but the icthammol ointment brought it 2 a 'head' or at least made it look like a huge zit overnight this did take about 3 days to finally 'pop'

**with all the ointments including neosporin, icthammol and campho-phenique along with band aids and epsom salt it cost about $20 bucks which is a lot cheaper then a doctor bill

**FUTURE I would say the campho-phenique really brought the boil to 'pop' but the icthammol made the pain go away almost InSTANTLY!!
And remember to keep the area super clean!!

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You have a Pilonidal Cyst.


Who cares what its called this sucker on the ass crack never goes away I've had it go and come sometimes comes and can get drained real easily with exhisting hole from last blast or lance but yeah its the most painful thing in the world these beastly puss fill mounds! Let's just say I'm 35yrs old got 1st boil when I was in early 20s and has came and gone id say maybe bout at least 10xs or less.


I had that. You must in to the doctor. To get surgery on it so it can be properly drained and treated. After that it doesn't come back but you are just left with a scar


Yea you have a pilonidal cyst and it's with you for life, they do not go away even with surgery. I've had it for a few years now, it can be caused by hair or sweat in that area and sitting for a long period of time. It's more common in men then in women, the only thing that works for me if hot water, peroxide and neosprorin. When I first got it-it was huge, I freaked and went right to emergency. They numbed me, drained it, packed it up and sent me home on all times of pain meds smh I was on bed rest for 3 weeks. When it came back the second time i went back and had to get minor surger smh there goes another 3 weeks of my life. My doctor told me i would need surgery to clean out everything in the patch (puss and hair) but i would be on bed rest for another 6-8 weeks and even this surgery couldn't garuntee it wouldnt come back it just prevents it from coming back so soon, about 5-10 years it delends on the person of course so i bailed, i was already close to failing school. So now when i feel it coming back I just apply neosprorin after a hot shower and in the morning it's either gone or it's popped a little, I'll clean it with peroxide and apply neosprorin and it's usually closed the next day . This thing is the most annouying thing ever I just suggest you deal with it as soon as you feel it even a little and never scratch that area no matter how much it itches, it only makes it worst. Good luck

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