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I fill a cup of warm water and 2heaping spoonfuls of baking soda. Then, I wash off wipes in the water/bs mix and dab bottom clean. Or fill up a sink full of warm water with baking soda and rinse bummy clean. Gently blot dry.

I use Neosporin with antibiotics and spread thick. After rash heals, I continued Neosporin as my baby's diaper rash ointment. It's cheaper because you only need a tiny pea size when used as a preventative measure and one tube lasts awhile whereas the general A&D's, Desitin, etc are over priced, you have to use a ton, and don't really work well.

If you go to the doctor, they'll most likely prescribe an antibiotic cream anyway with a topical over the antibiotic. So to bypass the Dr, I just use Neosporin with Antibiotic, spread it on thick, then use a diaper rash cream (any will do) over the Neosporin to seal it in and keep stuff off the rash. Then, I use a tiny amount of Neosporin after each diaper change as his regular diaper cream. Works like a charm.

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Hello, where can I get Neosporin from, my 5 month old baba has a slight rash that I want to treat before it gets out of hand, has bout 4 pooh nappies a day with the teething, I think that caused the rash...will be washing bummy with bake soda water

Cheryl (Grandma)

At the drug store, it's ovet the counter med, no prescription necessary.


My son is 5 months and if I miss one diaper change without cream, he gets a rash. Some times the creams don't heal the rash. A&D is terrible. I find Desitin to work best, even above most organic creams. I wouldn't recommend neosporin only because the website clearly states children under 2 years shouldn't use and it shouldn't be used on a rash. I just googled Neosporin and went to the site and clicked FAQ.
I have to take a trip to the doc if it gets too red and get medicine for him but I rather do that than put on a product that may cause more harm especially on my babes bottom.


my 10 month old baby hás a nappyrash for the first time now,i use fissanpaste with every nappy change,she hás the most terrible rash on her bum and virgina,i tired mazina as they say it also works well,please,please,please i need your help,i need this rash to dissapear as it scares me very much,when i change her she wants to scratch there so i suppose it irritates her,can u help me please :-(


Hi what is baking soda,is it baking powder or bicarbonate soda?i need to know please its for my 10mnth old baby's bums :-(


If your little ones can't got a diaper change with out cream you might want to change her diaper brand


Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. That's the stuff used in pools to change pH, orally as an antacid, and can be used as a natural tooth cleaner. Think the orange boxes of Arm and Hammer.

I would avoid generous use of Neosporin. It contains antibiotics which probably aren't necessary, and can promote the growth and proliferation of more potent antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For skin protection, plain old Vaseline or anyone's brand of petroleum jelly will do.


I do the same thing and by morning she is good and no more crying and no more pain.

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