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enemy of HPV

Trying ACV for anal warts

hi im 19yrs bisexual.
last time i did anal sex was november 2010...august 2011 months later !! i had a lot of itching and noticed thought it was anal herpes(tested neg) then hemorroids..but these never dissapeared...and then i got the news..HPV!!...

so its been around 2 using acv ..warts turned white/light grey some...and itching and a lot of burning..i dont sleep ofcourse with acv on it...i use it multiple times every day..i read it can take around a months or bit more to work...but ill stick with it....Iv tried aldara and warticon for no use...also im drinking 2 tablespoons of acv to help wish me very depressed cuz of it..its been 17months but I WANT TO WIN this war

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enemy of HPV

im also drinking green tea

i want to make my immune system still applying acv daily been almost 2weeks now


What is acv?


Are they all gone now? I feel like we are in the same boat! I've done the cotton ball thing for about 2 weeks

enemy of HPV

no they arent gone at all...went to a skin doctor who said it could be anal skin tags not warts :(( ill try my best to have surgery thats the only method for me guys..nothing worked :(


I really hope everyone here gets better. So glad I found this sight and know I am not alone. It hurts very badly. And I am so depressed.Pain meds does not even help, I did finally go to the doc today and in 2 days I go to another doc. I am so scared. It hurts so badly just to touch, it takes my breath away. I am a diabetic also which automaticly makes things twice as bad. Just wish there was something I could do right now to get some releif. Thanks to all for listening to me. I wish all the best, I really do.

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