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Hello all! About nine months ago, I noticed two small bumps on my private area. I went to my doctor and sure enough I had genital warts. The doctor prescribed Veregen, which happens to be very expense. Within six weeks, my warts cleared. However, I caught a cold and it weakened my immune system. I went back to the doctor’s office and he was surprise my warts were back. He really didn’t offer any help at this point. Feeling a bit overwhelm, I started searching the internet for other treatments. I tried ACV, tree tea oil, and banana peel treatment. The ACV and tree tea oil does sting in sensitive areas and wasn’t doing anything for me. The banana peel did nothing for me. I can across a homeopathic remedies website. It suggested Thuja occidentalis for warts. At this point, I had nothing to lose. I ordered Thuja in liquid. I made my own thuja ointment by mixing several drops of Thuja with a teaspoon of Vaseline together, tried to apply the ointment three times a day. You can also apply the Thuja liquid directly on the warts, which does string a little though. In the ointment form, it does not. I have been applying Thuja ointment on warts. In a month, I have seen a big difference on the warts. One finally disappeared and the others are shrinking. Thuja occidentalis ointment is working for me. You can buy thuja ointment online. But why buy when you can make your own. Do your research and look up Thuja occidentalis. There is hope!

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It’s me again, just writing a follow to my last post. I’m happy to announce my GWs are gone – finally. Thuja occidentalis worked for me. Do you research and try it for six weeks. It’s a lot better than ACV and worth a try.

There's Hope

I justed wanted to update you. After using Thuja Occidentalia for about a month my warts are gone. Thuja Occidentalia was far better than ACV treatment. I am gladed I did my research online. The of best luck to everyone and keep looking for a treatment that works best for your warts.

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