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don't eat after eight. the body's metabolism slows down at night so its easier to gain weight. if hungry, drink water or tea.

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not entirely true. your metabolism slows down, but you don't gain weight. you just don't lose weight when you sleep.


not true at all! everyone has a different metabolism. A persons metabolism does not know what time it is. Who's to say 8 o'clock, 7 o'clock whenever, you don't know!


I've heard of this too! I was told to stop eating after 6pm. But that's when all the fun begins! I did it after giving birth to my 1st baby, and it did work. It is soo hard though!! Now I read that you need to stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed, that way it is more customized to you. I have tried it, and it really did work when I stuck to it.


You shouldn't eat three hours before you lay down, whether it's night time or not. Three hours is what it takes to properly digest food. Also, not eating before bed is really not true at all. It is just common sense not to eat and then lay your body down for hours and hours.


when I eat after 7pm, I have nitemares and sleep poorly all night long. I think it makes you gain weight too. Best to do most of your major meals in the day.

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