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Keith M.

SIMPLE, CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE. I am not a doctor, but I have suffered with severe burning in my stomach for years. Not GERD--just burning in the pit of my stomach. I took Antacid tablets and OTC meds for over a decade, although the package says discontinue use for 4 months after a 14 day regiment.

After educating myself about the ph chemistry of the stomach and experimenting with readily available natural items, I found an easy cure for what ails me. More acid, it works every time. Sprite, 7Up and yes apple cider vinegar all give me instantaneous relief and they are all acidic. It is my personal opinion that these acids either a) neutralize the stomach acid or b) simply bump the stomach ph chemistry slightly toward acidic and this alteration may be enough to prevent the body from producing the much more corrosive stomach acid.

Whatever the reason, it works every time for me. I also found that taking my stomach ph chemistry in the opposite direction of alkalinity works as well. Instead of shutting down your natural acid producers through OTC meds, try altering your stomach ph chemistry when your stomach burns with either carrots (alkaline) or white soda (acidic). The acidic treatment burns for a second or two on the way down, but I get immediate relief thereafter. Hopefully it will work for you.

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funny that had real severe heartburn it basically puts me on the ground chemists home no matter where last time tried chopping up a tomato and eating it bit by bit it space of couple minutes and wow slept like baby


heart burn can be caused by either too much acid or to little stomach acid. If yours is caused by low acid than the apple cider vinegar would bump it up sufficiently for the symptoms to disappear. However someone with truly high stomach acid would feel 100% worse by doing the same. Most people suffering from 'heartburn' have a low acid situation which is why popping Tums doesn't make it better. a good digestive enzyme will help rectify the problem.... I'm a nutritionist.

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