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A couple of months ago I lost a huge filling that really should have been a root canal/crown a long time ago. Its now pretty badly infected and incredibly painful. I read through many of the tips here and tried several, but I wanted to share one that I did not see posted here. (I did not read all 271 previous posts, so please forgive me if it's already been shared at some point.)

What I found to be incredibly helpful was taking some ground clove and putting it into Everclear, which is a liquor with a high enough concentration of alcohol (151 proof in CA—other states allow higher proof) to extract the essential oils from the cloves. It's important that the proof is >100 (>50% ethanol) so that the alcohol is not bound up in the water. Otherwise, the ethanol molecule cannot desolve the oils from the cloves with anything near the same efficiency because it already has it's hands full with the water, so to speak. I tried it with regular whiskey, and it was not nearly as effective.

This allows for very deep, penetrating relief. The alcohol seems act as a carrier for the clove oils, and this combination works far better for me than either clove or alcohol alone. I just dab a cotton swab into it, put it in my cheek, and enjoy the respite.

I don't know that a whole lot of folks have Everclear just lying about the house, so I'm not sure if this qualifies as a 'home remedy' or not, but it it works far better for me than any of the OTC local anesthetics with benzocaine, so if you if you are able to get to the store, you might want to consider the liquor/grocery store instead of the pharmacy.

Oil pulling, as suggested in earlier posts, is also very effective for me, and virgin coconut oil is, in my opinion, a very tasty way to do it.

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