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standing on one foot, the one that corrseponds with the swimmer's ear, and with the swimmer's ear facing the floor,jump up and down. the water shud drain in about a minute or so.

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I did this OMG!!!! It fixed my ear problems on the 16 1/2 jump. I wasn't watching and got dizzy. Now I need a home remedy for my concusion. concusion. Also I have a concusion.


This is a cure for 'a bit of water in the ear', not for the actual medical condition 'Swimmer's ear' (otitis externa). And a slightly less moronic-looking version is to sharply tilt the head to the blocked ear side until the water is loosened; as though you are trying to flick the water out.


My mom says I look pretty retarded jumping around on one leg....



i cant believe people actually think this is a real cure! Cant they detect a hint of sarcasm?! 1/2 jumps lol


Works like a charm!!


It should also be noted that this exact method works great for preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy if its done before, during, and after sex.


LOL, wow. I can't believe it. Ok really, 1/2 jumps? Wouldn't that be considered flying? HAHA!!! It works at getting water out of your ear about as well as tilting your head and moving your ear around. Its water in the ear not swimmers ear

my ear hurts

this does not work!!!! i had the water in my ear all day before i realized it hurt. but once it did start hurting IT FREAKIN KILLED!!!


This may not do a damn thing for swimmers ear but as a whole it helped make my depressed ass smile thank u


Does anyone know of any dragon caves in indiana? Also...i need to.borrow a yellow goat;-)

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